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  • Why Saviaan should be your disinfectant of choice?
    - Tested According to EN14476 Standard - Provides up to 30 days on nano coating on surfaces - 4X powerful than Chlorine and instantly activates when mixed with water - Safe to use onfabrics, leather, plastic, concrete, rubber, metals and glass - Non-toxic to humans and animals - Ideal to disinfect homes, offices, hospitals, hotels and schools
  • Where can I buy Saviaan?
    Saviaan is available for sale in the UK on Amazon and
  • What makes Saviaan one of the of most cost-effective disinfectant?
    Imagine the costs and efforts saved if door handles, elevator buttons, car seats and every surface that is touched often, remained disinfected for up to 30 days. Saviaan’s surface nanocoating can help you by freeing up costs, allowing you and your business to bounce back with confidence. Saviaan is one of the most cost effective, advanced, and long-lasting broad spectrum disinfectant in the market that is manufactured in the EU. The recommended dilution rate is 1:100, 1kg of Saviaan makes100 litres of disinfectant when mixed with water.
  • How does Saviaan work?
    Activate Saviaan by mixing it with water. Saviaan has titanium dioxide nano particles that use visible light and H2O2 to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi upon contact. Saviaan remains on surface even with repeated scrubbing and cleaning, as strong sulfate bonding agents help it to adhere tightly to surfaces at a molecular level.
  • How to prepare disinfectant with Saviaan?
    Mix 10 gms (1 table spoon) of the Saviaan with 1litre of clean water to create 1 litre of the disinfectant. Please don't exceed the recommended dilution rate of 1:100. 1kg of Saviaan = 100 litres of disinfectant
  • How to disinfect using Saviaan?
    Simply spray the surfaces thoroughly using the disinfectant prepared and let the water evaporate. The effectiveness of Saviaan remains the same when respecting the minimum 30 seconds of contact time during applications onto surfaces. Though to achieve maximum benefits, it is recommended to allow the disinfectant to evaporate.
  • How long does Saviaan take to activate once mixed with water?
    Saviaan activates instantly when mixed with water. Once activated the disinfectant turns bright pinkish red and is stable to use for up to 10 days. The colour of the disinfectant fades after 24 hours.
  • Can Saviaan be used as a hand sanitiser?
    Yes, Saviaan is perfectly safe to use as a hand sanitiser and is less harsh on the skin compared to alcohol based sanitisers. Mix the appropriate amount of Saviaan with water to create your desired quantity of hand sanitiser with 1% concentration. For e.g. Mix one table spoon of Saviaan (10gm) with 1 litre of water to make 1 litre of hand sanitiser and use it within 10 days.
  • Is Saviaan safe to be used on pets?
    Yes, Saviaan is perfectly safe to be used on pets.
  • Does it leave a stain if used on clothes, carpets and curtains?"
    No, Saviaan does not leave any stains on clothes/carpets or curtains. However if you are using a steamer then we recommend using 1 table spoon or (10gms) for every 2 litres of water to make your disinfectant i.e. .5% concentration rather than the 1% concentration.
  • Does the disinfectant prepared using Saviaan have an odour?
    No, it is odourless.
  • Will Saviaan work in an electric fogging machine?
    Yes it will.
  • Is the Saviaan suitable to clean the outdoors such as paths, patios, driveways and pet housing?"
    Yes, the Saviaan is a very effective outdoor disinfectant and since it is non-toxic, it is environmentally friendly.
  • Is it safe to use Saviaan in washing machine to wash clothes?
    Yes, it is perfectly safe to use a table spoon of Saviaan (10gm) per load in your washing machine.
  • What surfaces can I spray the Saviaan on?
    Saviaan works on most surfaces such as metal, glass, wood, leather, stone, plastic without staining or corroding the surface. It can even be applied on fabrics and leather.
  • Do I need to wear any protective gear when disinfecting using Saviaan?
    Saviaan does not have any toxic vapour phase so extraction and ventilation equipment is not required. Though precaution needs to be taken to ensure that one does not directly inhale Saviaan powder.
  • How to dispose the disinfectant prepared using Saviaan?
    Disinfectant prepared using Saviaan, can safely be disposed in sink/sewer drains (for example, through kitchen sinks, toilets, etc.). That will also help in killing bacteria and in inactivating the viruses down the drain line.
  • Can we have a copy of the MSDS Report ?
    Please email us on and we will gladly assist you with your query.
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